Sirona, Brookfield take step on Bullsbrook terminal

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07-Sep-2016 | Business News

West Perth ­based Sirona Capital has signed a memorandum of understanding with Brookfield Rail to ascertain the viability of a new intermodal freight hub in Bullsbrook.

Sirona has a 200­hectare landholding in South Bullsbrook, adjacent to a site assigned by the state government for the building of a future terminal.

Located adjacent to that site is the Perth­Geraldton rail freight line, part of Brookfield Rail’s network.

Sirona managing director Kelvin Flynn said it was a logical step to think about what a future intermodal terminal in the area would look like.

“Sirona has spent a lot of time looking at how to bring a new approach to freight movement in the metropolitan area, particularly in terms of port and freight facilities which are under pressure from capacity, competition, planning and land use constraints,” he said.

“This memorandum of understanding means we are now working directly and exclusively with Brookfield Rail to seek the most appropriate pathway to deliver a Bullsbrook intermodal freight terminal to coincide with the state government’s freight infrastructure strategic objectives and time frames.

“The state government is doing its bit by delivering NorthLink WA (mid 2019), earmarking land for an intermodal terminal and with its future freight network strategy and now it’s time for industry to look at how to maximise the opportunity, and that’s what we’re doing.”

In February, Business News revealed Sirona had secured the backing of a Goldman Sachs subsidiary to develop a Bullsbrook freight hub. Austreo Property Ventures put in $45 million to support the project.

The company’s landholdings are located near the planned Northlink roadway project, which is to be completed by the end of the decade.

Brookfield Rail chief executive Paul Larsen said the company looked forward to exploring the viability of such a project with Sirona.

“Brookfield Rail is always looking to work with interested parties to increase freight being moved on rail and optimise utilisation of the network,” he said.